A Phone Call

She said hello several times into the phone. Hello. You hear me?, she asked. On the other end there was nothing, not even breathing. I’m gonna hang up now, the older woman said. I’m gonna hang up and not answer again. Hello. Don’t do that, a creaky male voice said. Don’t hang up on me, […]

Fresh Cut Lawns

Lawnmowers. Throughout the neighborhood he heard lawnmowers. People out cutting their yards with push, propel, and riding pieces of machinery. Ice cold lemonade sat on the front porches of these warriors. Occasionally they’d take a break and drink the freshly squeezed concoctions. Then, get right back to it: the mowing of yards in a housing […]

Stars and Moon

They drove throughout the Midwest in moonlit hours. Through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska they went, then turned ’round and did it again. Went into towns like Auburn, South Bend, Goshen, drove on the outskirts of Chicago goin’ ‘cross state with billboards lookin’ down upon em: Legal Problems, Call The Hammer. Best Amish Buffet Around. Massage […]

Out On 30

It always takes time, she said. These things take time, lit a cigarette and threw the match out in the yard. I don’t doubt that he loves you, he’d be a fool not to, but like most men, he takes some encouraging; needs to have his nerves worked up to pop the question. I guess […]

The Deplorables

He’d take a seat at the counter every morning ’round five. Ordered the same breakfast; two fried eggs, extra crispy bacon, hash browns, buttered wheat toast, and coffee with cream and sugar. The National Anthem played in the background as people came and went, ate and drank, slurred their words and read the morning’s news. […]

The Shed

The shed stood at the back of the property amongst thickets and brush; weeds climbed on its side and shingles lay loose on top. It’d been there for years, old pieces of plywood forged into four walls with an A frame ceiling in which two by fours stretched across. There was cracks and holes in […]

The Glow of the Moon

I used to watch him from my bedroom window in the middle of the night when the moon glowed and street lights blinked on and off. He’d go out to the front porch and crack open a cold one; mom was in bed, the dogs were asleep. And, he’d start talking to himself. Some kind […]