The hotel bar was empty for the most part. The bartender cleaned glasses and a man in a yellow suit sat drinking a beer while watching the news; the sound was down low. Some nuts were poured into a bowl next to the customer. He’d take handfuls and toss em back with a swig of […]

Mr. Help. Dedicated to Joshua Seay

The truck wouldn’t start. Had gas in it. Checked the oil. Maybe it was the starter. He stood over the engine grabbing belts and fidgeting with screws. His boy handed him a wrench. He tightened some cables. Told the boy to jump inside the beater and see what she does. Nothing. The young boy turned […]

I’m Leaving

He stood in the garage adjusting his table saw. One eighth, one half, I don’t know what the cut is, the old man said to himself. One eighth, or, one half, maybe a quarter, he rattled on. I just don’t know, he brushed saw dust out of his grey hair. She came to the door […]

Nothing Changes

There was talking downstairs, out in the parking lot. It was Friday, the eagle would fly today, everybody knew it. He sat up in his room with the window open, listening to drunks and bums talk about where they were going to get dough in different parts of town. I’m going out to the mall, […]


She’d sleep under trees in Central Park using rust colored leaves as blankets. The dreams she had. Thoughts of leaving and never coming back to this earth; going on to make her home in the heavens. Policemen and park security would pass her by in the midnight hours. A whole city lit up and alive […]

Two In The Morning

The refrigerator hummed throughout the night. A toilet kept running down the hall. He tossed ’bout in his twin bed. A Mexican blanket covered him. At the end of the bed were black and blue feet exposed. His toes cold. He shivered. A cold chill ran throughout his body while sweat poured onto a soaked […]

Bill’s Lament

There was nothing left in the pot; some pitch black sludge and grounds covered the bottom. It’d sat there for awhile; week, maybe two. He finally got out of bed. He’d been there for a week, maybe two himself. Just laying there half asleep, kind of in a dream state. His stomach was growling. He […]

I Don’t Know

She stood in the doorway with a sack of groceries and a ring of keys around her thumb. Kids played in the front yard; tossing the football back and forth as the day got cooler and the sun went down. The green grass stained their jeans. He was in the back room watching the news […]


There was a sliver of light outside in the dark. He looked at it through the blinds; looked like a street lamp or something. It was too low to be the moon. Couldn’t have been a star. It shined. This small silvery light could be blocked out by his hand making it completely black inside […]

Dennis Weaver

He sat in the front room listening to rain hit the skylight. Bowls were placed on the kitchen floor to catch the water that dripped from the ceiling. The roof had damage done to it long ago. Never had the time or the money to fix it. Maybe it needed a shingle or two. He […]