He waited out in the parking lot for her. She was looking for milk, eggs, bread, maybe some ice cream; wasn’t sure. The middle aged man sat in his pick-up truck, an old Ford, and played with the radio dial, going back and forth ‘cross the FM stations. Picked up frequencies from Iowa City, Des […]

Stimulus Money

The moon shined. Real bright in the midnight sky. He’d look up at it from time to time as he drove ‘cross Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, on into Ohio. All on I80. Just him in his Dodge drivin’. Not goin’ anywhere inparticular. Just drivin’. Like he’d lost his mind or somethin’. Flyin’ on coffee and cigarettes. […]

End of the world

This room is cold, he said. Could you turn the heat up a bit?,walking in circles with his arms folded. I mean, a little heat ain’t gonna throw our budget off any. This is the beginning of Spring, Winter’s got one more breath left, the old man put a sweater on, a Christmas sweater with […]

And, Wait

Winter was not marked this year; the snows of January never came. They’d watch out their front windows looking for hope amongst the gray and dreary days only to find a nakedness, a barren land where porchlights burned out long ago. And people, people gave up on a notion that God would see them through. […]

Never Could Figure Him Out

Never could figure him out. Sat there every night at the end of the bar lookin’ at people. Folks would drink and carry on. Some would get loud, boisterous; bartender would tell them to settle down. He’d just watch. And they’d keep refillin’ his pint glass with ice and Dr. Pepper. A big man, he’d […]


They played these games in bed at night when they thought the other was sleeping. Backs to each other, feet occasionally touching, they’d speak in complete silent conversations with themselves; talked on the inside, mouths never moving, just quiet. And, he no longer knew what she wanted from a man. Used to be she wanted […]

Raking The Yard

He saw her in the window; the top half of her; washing dishes in the kitchen sink. That’s what it looked like she was doing. She was singing, or so it seemed. Maybe she was talking to herself. Having a conversation with the unseen; a ghost from the past. Some spirit that had come her […]