Just Quiet

Quiet. No talking, nor gestures; just quiet. It is a silence that keeps waking me; no gunshots, no sirens, no blaring bass from an SUV; just a nauseating nothing. This will change soon….it always does. And, then what? A constant noise, never-ending, always a beat, a rhythm; forcing one to always be on the lookout […]


from the Ohio River to the Hudson…accents change..landscapes differ..Christmas trees in Wheeling windows… artificially colored in reds..greens.. whites..glistening strands of silver slivers dance in the day break. at the Greyhound station in Pittsburgh.. a black kid sagging points toy guns at real life figures on a screen…one dead..two dead..a mass killing while a television show […]


and I walked down Halsted at four in the morning…past bars.. taverns spilling out toxins onto the sidewalks… smells of stale beer and bad colognes… broads who scored big with men of their dreams…stockbrokers..pharmaceutical reps..a  young turk with an idea of how to make millions… they go for that sort of thing… Mexican joints filled […]


men and women…some criminally insane… others with different agendas… paced up and down the psych ward hallway at Bellevue. this Dominican was my roommate…missing an arm and a leg…jumped in front of a 6 train heading for the Bronx. he said, I’m trying out for the Yankees this year… you think I got a shot?… […]

The Window

Rich autumnal  colors bring memories of you. An algae covered bell accents the picture; a tiered fence between us. It is Indian Summer in November; the dying never looked so good.

Wednesday Night before Thanksgiving

seated at the counter of an all – night diner drinking coffee..cockroach strolled by…said hello…kept walking… A waitress wearing a tight black tee…pair of pants accentuating peaks and valleys… made her way down to my deal…pot in hand with a smile and a shake… Ya want anything else sugar, laid down a check… a smiley […]