It’s Always Something

She saw him ‘cross town over on North Avenue. ‘Bout where Milwaukee and Damen run into each other. He was walking out of the check cashing place; just got paid; there was a jingle in his step. First thing he did was walk into the diner, she looked on from her old Dodge that was […]


They sat there in darkness on a park bench. She held onto the flowers he had given her earlier that evening; a mixed bouquet of different colors; gold, rust, yellow, with green leaves wrapped in plastic. She had never got flowers before, made her feel wanted, loved. On this night. On this night. He took […]


He sat at the kitchen table with a beer in one hand and his cellphone in the other. Black oil streaks were wiped on his shirt and pants. Mike checked down the hall to make sure Jesse was asleep. He could hear her snoring away as he opened the door and then closed it back […]

Old Ghost

The Autumn breeze stirred ’round her neck as she walked through the woods. The moon shined brightly as cicadas, owls, and whippoorwills sang into the evening. Jesse followed their rhythms. It was as if they were a jazz trio playing in an outdoor venue; bottles of red and white wines placed in picnic baskets along […]

Suspicious Minds

It was late when he got home. She was in the front room with the curtains open; staring out at Highway 31. Watching Peterbilts, Kenworths, cowboys, and cars driving east and west under dark skies with a sliver of the moon shining a yellow color. You want some coffee, Jesse was asked. I gotta full […]


Thunder rolled in the dark clouds and streaks of lightening could be seen for miles. The rain that was promised hadn’t come yet. Jesse sat out on the back porch waiting to be cleansed. It’d been awhile since a good storm had hit town. The farmers in the region complained of drought. Tomato plants had […]

The Woods

There’s a path that leads from her back door into the woods. Tall trees like skyscrapers mark the trail. In the Fall men go hunting in this forest. Deer, squirrel, rabbit, run amongst the pines, oaks, and maples. And at night it’s been said that old lovers from generations back chase each other and land […]

The Sky Fools You

There’s that weird part of the evening where you can see both the sun and the moon as you look into the sky. Jesse was looking at em from the back porch. She had a cigarette in one hand and a vodka tonic in the other. She sipped through a straw. It’d be hours ‘fore […]

Talk Of The Town

She ran naked down the highway. What was she running from? no-one was sure. Running fast on the shoulder, she tripped and fell, skinned her knees, that didn’t stop her. The short, squatty brunette got up and picked up the pace again. A pickup truck followed close behind. Get in, he shouted from the Ford. […]

The Waiting

Long stretches of time lead us to September. A year passed. ‘Cross country we’ve traveled. Suitcase in hand. Looking for paradise, utopian ideas, hold on to youth. She was ’round the corner. Felt her touch, her breathe. Autumn’s hair waved in the wind. Asking questions like school boys do. The curiousness that leads us to […]