They played these games in bed at night when they thought the other was sleeping. Backs to each other, feet occasionally touching, they’d speak in complete silent conversations with themselves; talked on the inside, mouths never moving, just quiet. And, he no longer knew what she wanted from a man. Used to be she wanted […]

Raking The Yard

He saw her in the window; the top half of her; washing dishes in the kitchen sink. That’s what it looked like she was doing. She was singing, or so it seemed. Maybe she was talking to herself. Having a conversation with the unseen; a ghost from the past. Some spirit that had come her […]

Nothing To Gain

And he sat in the Central Library typing away like a mad man struck by the holy ghost. Words just came to him, nothing complex. Perhaps that was the beauty of it all; simplicity. He was always writing about leaving, running away, far away from home. The middle aged man wanted to go East, then […]

This Is Nothing

She stared at her coffee cup on the kitchen table. Had an American flag on it waving in the breeze. Blue skies with small clouds painted on the cup as well. Nothing in it; an empty cup. And the television was on in the background. Kelly and Ryan talking about nothing. ‘Cause that’s all there […]

It’s Coming

The waves rolled in from Lake Michigan. Some were white caps while others looked silky smooth. Like God had painted a picture. We sat on the beach watching. Birds flew and swooped down. You could hear them calling out. Hungry for dinner. The sun was going down. Last of the dinosaurs; the birds and us. […]


He couldn’t make it out. The sign above the jukebox, it glowed a neon green. Said somethin’. The letters were hazy; it was a dreamlike state. Stumbling over to the men’s room, the old man placed his hands in his jeans pockets. Pulling his right hand out to push the door open, a ten fell […]

kept on driving

Said she wanted proof that he loved her; more than just a hug and a kiss. Talked ’bout goin’ on some kind of trip with her. Like out to Vegas to get married by Elvis. Stay at some fancy hotel and eat at the best buffets. That’s what she said she wanted. And, he gave […]