Homeboy Political Science

(Sunday lunch at St. Xavier)

Christ hung out with homeboys, whores, hustlers, and homeless; Render unto Caesar.

Shorty was holding court…..the line formed…..all listened..all watched.

Now…I’m telling you…we gonna be stuck with Hillary, an “oh shit,” was heard from those in line awaiting their Sunday blessing.

See….the Republicans got nobody….nobody, Shorty pulled his earplugs out, looked up and down the sidewalk, they got nobody.

What about Trump? asked a big man, a Sunday regular accustomed to Shorty’s sermons, he’s high in the polls…

Heads nodded, throats cleared, a fear of impending doom was cast down 15th Street.

That shit be cooked up, Shorty said with a grin and a twitch of his stache, motherfucker been in bed with Hillary the whole damn time, eyes got bigger, ears tuned in.

Trump don’t want that damn job….he just like being in the spotlight…and dat cracker Clinton know dat shit..

A tale was told, a plot unfolded of a well crafted plan by the 42nd president to assure his faire maiden’s desires…

You get Trump to swing this fucked up place so far right that Hillary would look middle of the road as can be…PT Barnum….There’s a sucker born every minute.

So you think this was all planned? the fat man puzzled….That’s right, Shorty floated a bandana as if magic were in the air….It’s showtime…

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