Meees and Mines

Hats, gloves, socks, bars of soap, hotel bottles of shampoo, panties of different colors, baby powder, condoms packed in wrappers baring the NYC logo, a few cookies, and candy canes were laid out on folding tables at the drop-in center; Christmas came early.

The mass of goods was picked through quickly and thoroughly by men, women, blacks, whites, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Asians, and all of mankind who did not have a cent to their names; get it while the gettins good.

Every man, woman, and child for themselves…..only the strong survive, That hat be mine bitch, a mumble overheard, Get your fuckin hands back motherfucker, stare-downs, fingers formed in gang signs of old, you’d think it was a stock trader’s floor.

All was gone within minutes, nothing was shared nor spared; the black market was now open.

Shittttt….I can sell these rubbers for a buck each, Marcus said as he stuffed twenty or so in his overcoat pockets, Hoes be buyin up left and right, the wiry black man gave another glance and swiped a few more….

This be free enterprise, he said with a shift of his gate, Free for me to make a profit that is, he sped-up his pace….

I love this mother fuckin country…God bless America,
Why not Marcus……God bless America forever and ever Amen.

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