It is winter in New York City…. the temperature has finally hit freezing; this is normal….

People trample upon each other through DO NOT WALK signs…..looking down at colored mini screens….accents of Russian, French, Middle Eastern, The Bronx, and the almost gone, but not forgotten Brooklyneese, bounce off tongues as cop whistles are blown, and horns are honked; this is normal…..

Guys with cut-off legs begging from a concrete floor, homeless vets asking for help, a sideshow here, a three ring circus of loud mouthy Puerto Rican girls struttin’ their stuff for young bloods; always on the hunt for cunt; this is normal….

Knicks hats tilted, gay boys at Parsons sporting Nets, Yankees, Rangers gear……walkin’ with an affected priss…. heads bopping……bodies weaving….. and Chinese break dancers collecting bills; this is normal…

New York in December and a chilly wind blows off the pond…people are miserable….trash smells up side streets…and white smoke blows from an orange ConEd street tube; a new pope will be announced at noon……..this is normal.

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