Loosies, Loosies, Loosies

The big man stood outside the joint waiting to serve the public, Loosies… loosies…..loosies, he barked at vagabonds with bags over shoulders, bills in hand…..

Today’s special, he bellowed like a barker, two loosies for a buck….two for a buck….niggas you can’t beat that…..

Slaves to menthols paid at the alter, greeted the merchant at Mainchance, and lit-up to start the day….

Loosies….loosies…loosies, he raised a wrinkled black finger to the breaking blue sky….

Now tomorrow loosies go up two for a buck fitty and one for seventy-five cents niggas…..cost of livin’ adjustments…..

No hems, no haws, there are those that are used to getting screwed……

Loosies….loosies …loosies…..get over here and get your loosies….

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