1st Avenue by Bellevue

Man….what’s showin my pipi to dat kid back ’98 got ta do with anything?….it’s not like I put it in da motherfucker’s mouth now is it? he paused, cellphone clutched to his ear,

Right, the crinkled wrinkled black man stammered inbetween sips from a clear pint, naw man….it’s some racist bullshit…..I’m sayin dat da motherfucker got it in for me ’cause I’m black, pulled the cell away, lit up a loosie stashed behind his ear….

See….I told my cousin….dat boy’s mother when she filed charges dat I was gonna git her black ass….now she be playin dis shit…..aint dat some fucked up shit…. uh…..right….right…..I’m gonna call Bender and Bender…..sue dat whole goddamn family, ran a shaky hand under his nose….

Dem lawyers be Jews dont they…..right….get dem Jews on they ass they gonna wish dat boy never said a motherfuckin word ’bout my dick…..five damn years and I’m still payin for nothin…..damn….I shoulda just stayed in my room and jacked myself off dat day…..motherfucker….

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