Bipolar to Go

He stood over me, looking at bottles of pills; Seroquel, Trazodone, Depakote, lined up on the Mickey D’s table next to the dollar joe  with Taylor Dayne belting out I just want to be your lover girl over the speakers; loud, loud, loud; the volume is never high enough amongst the poor…..

Man, one grey eye wandered, where you get all dem pills? Uninvited, drunk as a WASP on St. Patrick’s Day, he sat down…..sang along with Ms. Dayne….

Whatcha got man? Let me see dem bottles Hoss, Taylor Dayne turns into Barry White…..Playin’ a game girl….playin’ a game…..

The bottle of Trazodone was snatched by the black beggar, Man…..whatcha got?

Bipolar 1 with PTSD….

Damn….dats some shit….you get paid for dat shit?

Answered yes….

Man I gotta get me some ah dat Bipolar shit… hook me up man? dats gots to be da shit… much you bein’ paid?

Not much….

It be better dan nuthin nigga….shit….who you foolin’……Bipolar…dat be da shit….how can I get dat? Whats I gots ta do…..

I think you’re doing it….

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