Insanity Maybe

We sat next to one another at the shrink’s office; the old codger was sneezing his grey head off; a bless you was granted each and every time…..

At home, the prune said, I sneeze once and my wife says bless you, a smile exposing a blank mouth….

That a fact, I said, what’d you know? I smiled too; a few more years and my chompers will be gone as well…..

But….she says….to never bless more than once, again with the grin, it’s all how’s you’s was brought up, a wink, a pat on the knee; my knee.

You know, he pointed up at a light, instead of saying bless you…..the Japanese bow….they bow…..uh….right….

They also lost the war, I reminded him. They lost the war…..that’s what bowing’ll getcha….

We both nodded and went back to talking to ourselves out loud……no one said a word.

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