Apostle’s On 9th

Listening to Bill Evans play Gloria’s Step……..thinking of meals at Apostle’s Church on 9th…….hard crusty breads slathered in butter done up by seniors sitting and talking, sitting and talking while the mounds of margarine go down and down and down; save me a piece for the road…..

Men in dirty coats and fingerless gloves feast on glazed Thai chicken and a kale with lentils salad finished off with a nice balsamic blend, Hey….you gonna eat that? a pile of rolls is never high enough….

A piano plays Who Can I Turn To and Camelot while women from the neighborhood wait on the crazies, the addicts, the down on their luck’s, the cons, the former big shots, and the never had a chance; all of us got here some how…..don’t ask……

Apostle’s Church for lunch Monday through Friday………For there is simply not….a more congenial spot……

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