Shorty & Kit

I can make a $100 on a weekend selling this shit, said Shorty, leaning over a coffee mug, tapping a finger, counting cases of Nutty Buddies below his stool. He gave a glance at the redhead waitress with the prison tattoos and missing teeth. She poured another while he tore open cream containers; held his hand just above the rim,” Whoa, that’s good honey.” She smiled, looked at Shorty’s girl,”You want some too honey?” Kit nodded, thanked her with a broad grin revealing some missing chompers of her own.

You know what people say when they see us two……they be sayin’ what that nigger be doin’ with that pretty white girl, Kit stirred in some packets of sugar and stashed a few in her purse. They be sayin’…… how’d that shine pull that one off?……..You know that’s what they be sayin’, they laughed…….Ah…Kitty…..years ago I could have pulled it off……could have made you mine, Kit leaned over and kissed Shorty’s filth caked face, You still could, she looked at him, flirted some more….

Don’t you be teasin’ me now girl…..don’t you be doin that, Kit gazed at Shorty, a lick of the lips. Me….tease?…….Never…….never…….I loves you Shorty…..

I love you too baby girl….

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