Sleepover at the Synagogue

Seven guys in a Synagogue basement….fold-out beds….sheets and blankets….beef hotdogs….and other kosher delights….the goyem dug-in….

Man….it smells down here, a brother said to his fellow brethren, Them hotdogs be smellin’ up dis place everynight, men made their beds; kept-on keepin’ on…

Get my own place I ain’t gonna be stinkin’ it up wit no microwaved kosher hotdogs and shit…..keep my place clean….

The split-opened over-cooked Franks were taken out of the modern machine, Look at dat shit….fuckin’ smell like a body rotten up in The Bronx, the dogs were discarded, a cheap cologne was sprayed…..and sprayed….and sprayed again

Dis be our home ‘ til we get a home……we’s need to be keepin’ it right and shit….

Lights were turned-off….bodies rolled-over….and only bad dialogue from a TV show turned low was heard in the dark….


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