don’t look back

travels from Cleveland to Asheville to Iowa City to New Haven to Montpelier to Montreal to New York to St. Louis to Indiana to St. Louis to Cincinnati to Newport to New York to….to….to

with fierce rapid thoughts on buses running cross state lines in midnight hours and babies crying out in the dark for moms and dad’s and aunts and foster parents and drunks talking loud on cell phones to ex-lovers who broke their hearts while some kind of peace is sought….

and into hospital beds and blood drawn and madmen yelling with pretend megaphones in hand and nobody’s home while crazy broad’s offer goods and services to psych-techs with meds dispensed….Goodnight nurse….

on shelter cots and city parks…hidden in the dark away from the cops who stroll- by with sticks in hand and guns on hips…like old Wyatt Earp….lookin’ for those who hide from all…entangled within…only hoping for a miracle in the fourth quarter…just a sprig of hope…

books in bag…balking at society’s norms…and hoping for a coolness in the city heat….

head north young man…head north… and do not look back…

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