Schizoid & Bipolar

since 1970 my life’s been total shit, Schizoid said, just total shit…I had a Wonder Woman statue glued on my dash and some guy reached in there and ripped it clean off, he sighed..took another drink of coffee…,son-of-a-bitch…

it’s a shame you don’t have a camera in that thing to see who done it, Bipolar remarked, catch that dude and teach ’em a lesson..

that’s what I’m plannin’ on doin’….it’s always somethin’..always gettin’ motherfucked left and right…I loved that Wonder Woman..I truly loved her..

you know…you can get another Wonder Woman..right…just go buy another..that’s all…

Schizoid took a deep breath, you never get over your first one…you never do…

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