early morning…

and down the alley the dumpsters are filled…half eaten pizzas…empty beer bottles…used condoms from business transactions…

graffiti on brick walls dance in sunlight…a homeless guy picks up cigarette butts…,hey man…gotta light…

couples in vagabond fashions walk hand-in-hand past fire escapes and wadded newspapers with yesterday’s headlines…where are they going…

so i walk-on in the early morning breeze…as the Sun peaks through…moms pushing baby strollers…bicycles fly-by…and drifters cast for cash…

it is early morning…and i am alive…

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The writing is based on my surroundings and what I've been surrounded by. This language is coarse and politically incorrect; which I make no apologies for. These characters are not nice and to use any other dialogue would be disingenuine. That being said, I choose to roll the dice. dm seay

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