startin’ over ‘gain…

kept lookin’ at the clock…midnight had passed…the old wooden gate outside was creakin’…makin’ noise…wind blowin’ it back and forth…back and forth…

saw the moon hangin’ in full…big silver circle a million miles away…wonderin’ if that American flag was still planted up there…

and these cars passin’ by out on the highway…soundin’ like waves in an ocean comin’ into shore…makin’ him think of when he was a kid…playin’ at Myrtle Beach…buildin’ sand castles…waters rushin’ in to knock ’em down…fillin’ up green buckets and startin’ over ‘gain…startin’ over ‘gain…

he was always startin’ over ‘gain…

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The writing is based on my surroundings and what I've been surrounded by. This language is coarse and politically incorrect; which I make no apologies for. These characters are not nice and to use any other dialogue would be disingenuine. That being said, I choose to roll the dice. dm seay

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