talking to myself

You’re not sure what you want are you? Say one thing and do another. Good thing Christ was nailed to the cross. Otherwise, you’d be screwed my friend, he said as he smoked a cigarette, sucked it down to the filter, stomped it out.

Is it some kind of a game to you? Just going through life day by day, same actions hour by hour. You wake up, take a shower, get dressed, go down to the diner for the same breakfast; two fried eggs over easy with sausage and hashbrowns; coffee included.

Then you come home and think for awhile. ‘Bout the state of America. And, you go into this dreamlike trance. Dreaming of being unprepared in life. It’s like you’ve always been unprepared. You don’t know the lines to the play, words to a song, how many cups of flour to put in the cake.

And this dreaming makes you sad. Puts you in a depressed state where you think ’bout ending it all. You think about it.

But, then the sun comes through the clouds giving off a brilliant light. You worship that light. Thankful for it. It’s all you ever wanted; all you ever wanted.

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