Pride Of The Yankees

He let her set for awhile, didn’t call or go by the house; just let her stew. The young man wanted to see her, but, he learned from older men to just let em simmer before you stop by with flowers, chocolates, a ring you got at the pawn shop. This bright eyed boy followed their directions. He let her set.

Couldn’t remember what the fight was over. Both of em had fierce tempers and were quick to jump. They were also quick to get in the sack. Seemed like breakin’ up and makin’ up was all they ever did. That’s why this time he was trying something different; let her come ’round; wait it out. He learned that in the Corps when he was over in Afghanistan; don’t jump to rash decisions and always keep your guard up.

She was a pretty girl. Chestnut eyes and long brunette hair. Looked like Crystal Gayle back in the 80’s when she was on television. That’s what his daddy said. The old man was more of a Tammy Wynette type. But, he saw the beauty in her.

She was sweet too. They dated throughout high school. He dreamt of seeing the world. She had wild desires to be a mom. Which happened after he left for the war with another boy here in town; that didn’t last long. Left her in the middle of the night with dishes piled high and the garbage not taken out. Said he was going out for smokes; never came back.

So, she set her hopes on her sweetheart. He’d be coming back to town soon. And, he did. Got a job at the mill, a new house, wasn’t too long ‘fore she was his and he was her’s. They just kind of picked up where they left off; kissin’ and cursin’. It’s what they did best.

It had been a few days. Drove by the house to see if she was home; maybe catch a glimpse of her in the living room window. Never saw her. The lights were out. And that’s when he knew. Knew she was gone. Least that was his suspicion.

Kelly, he called out as he entered the back door, Kelly you here, no response. Maybe she was at her mom’s. Maybe she was out with the girls. He turned on the lights.

There it was. A letter from her on the kitchen table. She left early that morning for some town out West. Wanted to know if he’d Western Union some money when he gotta chance.

Somethings you can’t count on, he mumbled and opened a beer. Tried calling her, but her phone was turned off. He just sat there and polished off a six pack. Made himself a sandwich and watched an old movie on T.V.. It was Gary Cooper in, The Pride Of The Yankees.

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