He’s Back

He’s out there, she thought. Outside marking his territory, the skinny girl kept thinking. All ’round the yard, the corners of the house, the streets here in town. Lettin’ everyone know that he’s back. Maybe this time for good, she took a swig of coffee and flicked an ash in the green glass ashtray.

It’s been awhile, the brunette breathed in and out. Haven’t seen him since I don’t know when, she lit another cigarette. He always comes back so cocky. Gotta show off his new tricks to everybody. Probably got some woman on his arm. Taking her ’round to the local bars, places we used to go to, she sighed. Don’t miss those days.

Who am I kidding, her cheeks drawn in; whispered. That was awhile ago. Back ‘fore he took off the first time. Hell. He’s been gone so many times. Used to get post cards from him; Greetings from Alberta. You’ve got a friend in Ontario. Pictures of skyscrapers and barn silos. Of wheat fields and coffee shops. Always said he’d be home soon. Never kept his word. Well, I guess it’s whatever soon means. Could be three months. Maybe half a year. Always on the go.

She filled up her coffee cup and added cream. Said, We’ll run into each other soon enough. And, I’ll ask him to come back and he will; for the time being. Then he’ll be gone again. Chasing some dream out on Highway 40, or I95. And, I’ll miss him.

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