She took off in the used pickup truck he’d just bought. Said she wanted to go out for a ride; two weeks and he still hadn’t heard from her.

They put out an A.P.B.. Reported her as missing. Said she left in the afternoon wearing blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a white tee-shirt; said her red hair was tied in a ponytail.

But, the most important thing was the color of her eyes. They were emerald. Just as green as you ever saw. He fell in love with those eyes. Fell in love with em a long time ago. Ever since high school. He used to see her looking at him in class and he’d look back. Look back into those green eyes.

The cops said there was no trace of her. Said that the whole tri-state area was blank. No signs, no leads. So he rented a four door sedan and took off ‘cross America to find her. Figured he’d start by going south down to Texas past the Red River. Looked all over Dallas. Up and down the boulevards and streets in the dark with his headlights on. All over that town he searched and found nothing. So he moved on.

The factory worker went west to Lubbock and on into New Mexico. Part of him had stopped looking for her. He was just driving and thinking of her. That’s all his days and nights became. Just memories of her. Old memories of his true love.

The cops found the pickup eventually. The thing was beat to shit. Looked like some boys had taken it on a joy ride ’round Chicago. It was found over by Douglas Park. Windshield was busted and the front seat was torn. Her red scarf was found behind the seat. They kept it for evidence.

And he was called. Told bout the truck. Told that it didn’t look good. Part of him knew she’d left him a long time ago. The other part knew that now it was official.

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