She has other ideas

No one wants to talk about it,she said. This mess you’ve made, she continued folding clothes, phone on her shoulder. I know you ain’t afraid of him. But, why go startin’ somethin’ when you don’t have to, the woman put a towel down on the couch and lit a cigarette.

You just listen to me you hear. He ain’t gonna stand for it. He’s a hard man Eloise and he’s just not gonna let you go off by yourself on some wildcat adventure,the blonde walked into the kitchen and poured herself some coffee.

Where is it you wanna go anyway…?

I don’t rightly know…

Why you always wantin’ to leave…?

Just some kinda freedom…some kinda mystery out there for me to discover. Maybe out in the desert. Go out to Utah or New Mexico and look at rocks. Big rocks. Go campin’ out there under the stars. Away from everything for awhile. Just away. I’ve never been away. Never felt free.

Is that what you want? Some kinda freedom. He buys you things. Puts a roof over your head. What more do you want?

Haven’t you ever wanted to see the world? Or, part of it? Don’t you wanna see somethin’ ‘sides the normal. I wanna go to Paris and have coffee in a cafe. I wanna go to Italy and eat real spaghetti.

Well, he ain’t gonna let you. You can dream all those things, but he’s gonna put his foot down. And then, he’s gonna make it hard on you out of jealousy. He’s probably gonna think you’re with another man.

Wouldn’t that be fun? A brief affair with some cowboy or maybe a business man in the city.

Talkin’ crazy and I can’t let this happen.

When did you give up?

Give up what?

Fun. Adventure. Somethin’ to keep you livin’.

I told you years ago you should’ve had kids. You still ain’t grounded. Got no roots. Been married…

Twenty years…

And you’re still wantin’ to be a wild child. We ain’t made for that. We’re house wives. This is it. Vacations, dinner, and the bed. We share it all. And, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Don’t ya see that?

No Annie. I don’t. I don’t. I got other ideas.

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