She Was Gone

He looked at the pile of stuff on the kitchen table. Outdated credit cards, used gift cards, combs, brushes, eyeliner, a tube of pink lipstick, some change; all of it just dumped on the table. It was like she was cashing in. Giving up. Leaving pieces of her behind. Small pieces.

The old man looked closely at the items. It’s amazing what a woman keeps in her purse, he thought, mumbling to himself. What did he know of her,? the old man shook with fear, What did I know of her?

And, a note was left behind. He read it out loud. Dear Pete, Sorry to leave you in the middle of the night, but it seemed to be the right time to do it. It wasn’t because of a lack of love that I left you. I just had to go and be a woman that runs with wolves.

As you can see, I’ve taken very little with me; a woman in the wild needs very little. And, I’ve left you the empty contents of my life; small change, lipstick, credit cards, etc. Hang onto them. I might need these things when I get back.

That’s right, I’m not staying out in the wild forever. Soon I will be home. Soon. But for now, it’s time I howl at the moon.

Love, Doris.

This troubled old man collected the pieces and placed them in a bag. He then hid the bag and started counting the days. The days till she got back. Pete marked the days on his trailer wall. After a hundred he gave up, began drinking and turning mean; questioning why she had to go.

Some people reach a point where they have to find something new, he thought. Some folks ain’t satisfied with what they got. She never was. She never was.

The nights began to get cold. The old man slept with two blankets. He hoped she was warm. Hoped she was in good health. That’s all be thought about. That’s all.

She said she’d be back. What she said. He took the bag of her left behind life and looked it over. He began to laugh. Shook his head. And a ghost walked into the room. He greeted her; she had open arms. Asked why? She just shrugged her shoulders and said, Shhh.

When you don’t have peace you gotta go find it.

Did you find it?, she nodded her head. I’m glad, the old man said, I’m glad. He blew the ghost a kiss. She blew one back. And, with that, she was gone. She was gone.

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