Nature’s Promises

We traveled the back woods ‘cross streams and ponds, over hills and what appeared to a boy’s eye to be mountain tops. All the trees were green from summer’s paint job; God’s steady hand on the brush.

There was all kinds of animals runnin’ ’round; deer and squirrels, jack rabbits and antelope, a few beavers buildin’ a dam out of sticks and mud; our huntin’ dogs lead the way. Where they were takin’ us to we had no idea. We were just two teenage boys in love with nature; dirt, trees, leaves, water, the smells of pines and fear as a snake sneaked it’s way in front of us; we pretended not to notice. Holdin’ our breath the whole time. Lucifer just kept on slitherin’. He did not tempt us on that day.

And we came upon abandoned cars and old pickups, rusted with sharp pieces hangin’ from the quarter panels. Had a hard time makin’ em out. Chevys, Fords, a Dodge or two, like people had just given up and left em there. Made us wonder.

Made you think ’bout man invading nature. Somebody once lived out here. But, there were no signs of houses, or tents. Just cars and pickups left behind. Old one’s. From the early 60’s. Why would people just leave belongings behind and take off like that?

I’m reminded of my own ramblings. Tossin’ everything in a dumpster and takin’ off to explore new land. Suppose you can just do better on feet. Least that’s been my experience.

I’ll return to the woods every chance I get. Get back to nature’s promises. These are rules to abide by.

It is a gray day and it is winter. Death is in the air. That’s one of nature’s promises too.

And, I say, I am ready.

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