It’s Coming

The waves rolled in from Lake Michigan. Some were white caps while others looked silky smooth. Like God had painted a picture.

We sat on the beach watching. Birds flew and swooped down. You could hear them calling out. Hungry for dinner. The sun was going down. Last of the dinosaurs; the birds and us. How is it that they survived? How did we?

And, we walked through Lincoln Park. Leaves on the ground. Fallen over the course of a season. Waiting for spring. Wanting green back in our lives. The smells of fresh cut grass. Daffodils in bloom.

She held my hand. And, I her’s. This time of death. Darkness set in. We stopped for coffee. In silence we drank our joe. She pointed at cheesecake and smiled; her scarf around her head.

While she played with her food, the silence was broken. We don’t have many more days like this one, the thin woman said. Soon it’ll all be over, she smiled.

Yes, soon it’ll be over. Here’s to new beginnings.

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