This Is Nothing

She stared at her coffee cup on the kitchen table. Had an American flag on it waving in the breeze. Blue skies with small clouds painted on the cup as well. Nothing in it; an empty cup.

And the television was on in the background. Kelly and Ryan talking about nothing. ‘Cause that’s all there is in this life; nothing. She knew it, Beckett knew it, hell, even Kelly and Ryan know it; probably didn’t fully comprehend the notion of nothing, but they knew nothing existed.

You know what they say, she thought, twisting her jet black hair, Even if you believe in nothing you believe in something. Took her a long time to figure that one out; to concede to that point. But, she did.

Was she a Buddhist? no. Catholic? not really. She was just a person who believed in nothing. She believed in it lock, stock, and barrel.

The woman had nothing in her life. And it was nothing that kept her whole. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Does that sound bleak? Perhaps to the non-believer. The non-believer in nothing.

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