He figured she’d never know. Thought that all would not be revealed on judgement day. Maybe he’d gotten away with one. Just one. But, for as much as he thought about her being in the dark, a wave of guilt hit him everyday. He’d self-punish. Telling himself he wasn’t good enough for her. Saying he wasn’t fit for anyone. The old man had made it this far. Living a lie. Might as well stick it out he believed.

And every night she’d bring him a drink as he sat in his LazyBoy watching rerun after rerun, some ball game, the ten o’clock news, just pictures on a screen with the sound down. He’d nod in and out of a sleep. Dreaming of old times with her, his mystery woman. Being with her out on the road. She’d place her hand on his thigh as they drove out in West Texas moonlight, everything a glow, highways stretching from here to Abiline. And from Abiline to Alberqurquee. He never wanted to stop driving. Just keep on going. That’s what he thought.

He picked her up in some bar outside of Dallas. She was slinging drinks and looking for something to get into. Both of em were good looking. An old lady at a diner told em that as he fed her cherry pie with a spoon. The old woman with desert leather skin said, You two make a lovely pair, then she smiled, wondering what it was they were running from. The redhead had her hand ‘tween his legs under the table, opening her mouth for every little bite. Life was easy. Just pie and lemonade. They both sucked on straws until their drinks ran out.

But, he knew the time was coming. He’d have to head back to Dallas, a wife, kids, rent to be paid. Didn’t want to, but, knew he had to. Waited for her to go powder her nose one night at a truck stop and left her behind. Just left her. Kept looking in his rearview mirror for her, she never appeared. She must’ve known he needed an out. She gave it to him, sitting in a bathroom stall crying her eyes out. She knew it was time. They both knew it was time.

And he drove throughout the night. Knew he had some explaining to do. Tried to come up with a good story in his head, but, couldn’t quite make it work. Nothing he’d say would make any sense other than the truth. And he kept that to himself. But, she knew. She knew. And never said a word.

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