Fresh Cut Lawns

Lawnmowers. Throughout the neighborhood he heard lawnmowers. People out cutting their yards with push, propel, and riding pieces of machinery. Ice cold lemonade sat on the front porches of these warriors. Occasionally they’d take a break and drink the freshly squeezed concoctions. Then, get right back to it: the mowing of yards in a housing addition called Twin Lakes. However, there were no lakes, just small ponds.

His grass was getting high. The neighbor to his right had mentioned that. The neighbor to his left he had no communication with. Had to do with political signs the neighbor placed in his front yard.

The tall green grass and weeds were beginning to take over. He was aware of this. Yet, something inside of him didn’t want to budge. He knew he was the talk of Twin Lakes. He saw people point as they drove by. But, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. It’s my yard damn it, the old man said. I’ll do what I want when I want, he whispered under his breath. No one tells me what to do.

The grass was starting to get knee high. Weeds and dandelions could be seen from blocks away. The neighbor to his right threatened to mow it for him. Telling him that his yard was an ungodly mess. Asked him why he didn’t take more pride in his yard. Said, everybody else is doing it. The old man just shook his head and told him, that’s precisely why I don’t cut my grass. I’m not a lemming.

And so, the grass continued to grow about hip high. Then one night under a yellow moon he was awakened by several lawnmowers. Was it a nightmare? No, he looked out his window to see five or six people with mowers cutting his yard.

The old man went to his closet and retrieved his rifle. And, hiding behind a window with the curtains pulled back, he began to shoot. He shot three in the front yard and two in the back yard. He fired several times. Blood was all over the dew wet grass. Shot them as if they were deer out in the woods. One at a time. Bang, bang, bang. He then lit a smoke and called it a night. This is America, he said. Nobody tells me what to do.

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