The Body Of A Black Girl

He found the body in a ditch along 41. A black girl, kinda short with tattoos on her; looked like a city job; said the wrong thing to the wrong guy up in Chi-town. That was his guess.

Had been mowing all day for the county. Almost ran over her. A silver bracelet reflected in the Sun. Shined up in his eyes. He had never seen a dead body before. Not ever been to a funeral. The young man just stared at her for a little while. ‘Cided it was best to call the sheriff’s office. Stopped mowing. Took a drink from a water jug.

Half hour later the sheriff showed up. Asked the boy ’bout her. Shook his head. Young girl too. Not much past twenty-one, the sheriff said. No license or id on her. No purse. Just a body. Just a body laying out in the hot Sun.

You can get back to work, the cop said to the boy. I’ll call you if I need you, the young man got back on his mower and turned the ignition. He then turned it off. Hollered at the sheriff as he walked away. You said twenty-one, the officer nodded. That’s a shame. A real shame, they both looked at each other. Yes sir, that’s a real shame.

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