He sat in darkness; hip botherin’ him a bit, stomach growlin’. If he could make it over to the counter for an apple he’d be pleased. Just one apple, then fall back asleep to dream. Dream of when he was younger; stayin’ out all night chasin’ women ’round town. Havin’ a few laughs with friends. Bein’ invincible.

Nothin’ can catch you when you’re young. Life slides at an easy pace. Maybe it’s ’cause he was single. Never had a girl tie him down. Plenty of lovers, but nothin’ ever stuck. He’d be in Chicago, New York, Denver, just blowin’ money, listenin’ to jazz, drinks were on him. And, a job was just a job. Just somethin’ you did to keep the good times rollin’. Havin’ roommates, bangin’ on bongos til two in the mornin’. Everyone’s late for rent.

And now he wishes he could get that apple. Where does the energy go? Where does it go?

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