Just A Few More Pounds

She stayed in the dressing room for quite some time; admirin’ herself. Been years since she had new clothes; that belly just hung on her. She’d turn sideways and look at herself in the three mirrors. She’d suck in her little tummy even more; play with her long blonde hair. The curls were long and loose. Even when she was bigger she thought her hair was the best thing goin’ for her. That and her emerald eyes.

She got changed back into her old jeans and Freedom Ain’t Free tee-shirt she wore for her son the Marine. Few more pounds, she said, just a few more, left the short dress in the stall and said gooddbye for now. Continued makin’ her way ’round Wal-Mart, pushin’ a cart, talkin’ to herself. Men would look at her while women kept their eyes peeled for specials: cakes, cookies, fried chicken, potato salad, feeding their families of four. She used to have a family of four. Now it was just the three of em. One still at home. He’d be joinin’ the Corps in a couple of years too. Least that was his intention.

In the parkin’ lot she ran into Johnny Ray. She’d known him since high school; seen him ridin’ ’round town in that red pickup truck. Hey girl you lookin’ good, she smiled. You should come out with me some night, she laughed a little. Go out and make your toes curl girl, he took her cart and put it with the rest. I’ll have to see Johnny. I’ll have to see, she opened her car door and smiled at him one last time.

She adjusted the rearview mirror and put glistenin’ cinnamon lipstick on. Sayin’, just a few more pounds girl. Just a few more pounds.

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