She remembered. Years had passed and life had changed, but, she remembered.

Snow reminds you of things, people, places, memories can flood the mind. There must’ve been six inches on the ground already. Another six was expected. She sat by the window watching the earth turn white. Mailboxes, parked cars, streets and sidewalks covered in magic. The blue streetlights shined down on it all. She found herself in a dreamlike state. Thinking about her wedding day long ago. Celebrated in a protestant church. Her dress was ivory. He wore tails.

Her daddy walked her down the aisle that February morn. Might’ve been the only man she ever loved. Daddy always wondered what she saw in the boy waiting at the alter. Before they strolled, he whispered, It’s not too late. You can walk away if you choose. She shook her head, no. Gave dad a peck on the cheek. Alright, he said. Let’s do this thing, he tucked his arm over her’s.

His breath smelled of whiskey. The boy could barely stand. He had a flask in his pocket up top. Very thin. It didn’t bulge. She looked at her mom and dad and smiled. It was not too late.

The snow was piling up that day too. Men at the V.F.W. hall were clearing the sidewalks in wait of the bride and groom. But, they never came. No one did. She dug down deep in her gut and said, No. No, I will not marry you. Her father was pleased. She had made the right choice.

Dad died on a night like this a few years back. Cold and snowy. She told him at the hospice, You can leave now. You don’t have to do this, they grinned at each other. And then, he was gone.

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