Vanna White

After ten years he wasn’t sure. Doubt filled his mind. He thought he did, but, you can never be too sure of these things; loose ends needed tightening.

It wasn’t like in the beginning. They’d jump in bed at the drop of a hat. Held hands in public. A kiss was always nice. All that had changed. Now all they did together was watch Wheel Of Fortune, mouths closed, sound way up.

And Wheel Of Fortune filled his head at night. Wanted to walk away arm in arm with Vanna White. He liked her sparkly dresses and glistening smile. She sure could turn a letter. He’d watch Vanna and then turn to look at his wife then turn and look at Vanna again.

He had these dreams of solving the puzzle and falling in love with Vanna. He had these visions in the midnight hour while he slept in his bed and his wife slept in her’s. Sweeping Vanna off her feet and taking her away to some exotic place; a sandy beach, some castle in Spain, Italy’s wine country. He once had those same dreams about her, the woman down the hall. Then one day it just stopped. Everything came to a close. He no longer wanted to be kissed by her, or held. He just wanted to be left alone. Just him and a color television set. That’s all he wished for. All he wanted.

The man lacked courage. He never could get up the gumption to be honest with her. Never did the words, I want a divorce cross his lips. And, she never mentioned it either.

So, they sat there. Him in his Lazy-boy and her on the couch, watching Vanna spin letters.

Occasionally a player would hit bankrupt and all earnings would be stripped away. What an unfair world, he thought. Everything gone in one spin. And, through all this turmoil Vanna kept smiling.

These were his thoughts. His dreams. All that he wanted. Just get in that pickup and go get Ms. White. Crazy? perhaps. He was no longer in love with his wife. He was in love with Vanna White. And that’s what kept him going. Goodnight Vanna. Good night.

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