Fireworks and Gunshots

She’d sit on her front porch and watch the sun go down amidst the fireworks, gunshots, dogs barkin’ and alleycats cryin’.

Cars cruised by on Harrison Street. Cops made their way on Dewald. A kid would ride by and wave at her. It got darker and soon the firecrackers would turn to bright colors in the sky above the ball field where the Tincaps played year after year, but, not this year.

And the homeless took showers in the park’s fountains. Coolin’ off and washin’ off dirt and sweat from the 90 degree heat. She remembered when her boys used to play in those parks; not any more. One went off and joined the Army while the other boy, shot just a few years ago in a drive-by, died in her arms. She made a cross and placed it on the street corner by the stop sign. Blood stained the concrete sidewalk for days.

Yes, tonight there were more gunshots. And more cars drivin’ by slowly down Harrison. Playin’ loud bass lines as they rolled.

It was now pitch black as the streetlights stayed dim in the dark. Red, Blue, green, white, sparkled in the sky. She watched for a little while then turned and went inside only to hear fireworks and gunshots throughout the night. Happy 4th of July.

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