Day Drinking

The two of em sat there for hours without a word said. They just drank. One scotch after another with a cheap beer chaser; PBR, Rolling Rock, Miller Lite; didn’t matter as long as it was on special.

Jeopardy was on television. A few patrons would call out the answers in the form of a question while others just sat there in the mix of neon and sunlight silent; scared they could be wrong; motioning with their forefinger for another drink. The bartender nodded and poured from the well. Soon their SSI checks would be spent. Then it’s back to 40 ounce bottles of Black Label bought at the corner bodega.

They still sat there in silence. They didn’t look at each other. Just sipped from their glasses until there was no more.

Happy anniversary kid, the old man said to the middle aged woman with no expression.

Yeah, she said. Happy anniversary. They then exited the bar while the studio audience clapped for the right answer.

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