Modern Romance

And one day it was over; he was no longer in love. Was he ever? hard to say. He told her he was in love under duress. It was if she forced him to say it. She was pushy that way. Always wanting to hear what she wanted to hear whether that be truth or not.

So, she bought him things; clothes, dinners out, things he needed. She’d pay any price just to hear those words; I love you. She’d pay it ten fold. But, he never got around to it until one night in bed when, in a moment of weakness, he said those magic words. He knew he was making a mistake as they slowly came out of his mouth. And, once you commit, you’re in it for the long haul.

He stuck with her. Held up his end of the bargain. Yet, he felt an anger towards her. A meanness built up inside him. And the meaner he’d get, the more stuff she bought. Soon she was paying for everything. That’s when guilt set in.

Angry and guilt ridden; that’s what he was. Mad at her and himself. Enough so that he wrote her a letter saying he just wanted to be alone in this world. Wanted to be by himself. She called and called; demanding answers. Said he was a coward. And that’s when he’d had enough. Both of them had.

The phone quit ringing. Numbers were deleted. And alone he was. Be careful what you wish for.

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