The moon was yellow that night and only showin’ a sliver. They followed it in their ’67 Dodge Dart they’d bought from a priest for $500. Had 30,000 miles on it. Father would drive it to the liquor store and back each week for a number of years. All parts were original.

So they followed the moon with its gray skies around it. Took 80 headin’ west towards Iowa. Planned on goin’ further; see where the night takes em. Nothin’ set in stone, no maps, just a full tank and two coffee mugs in their holders. They’d get refills along the way. Hazy brown joe with sugar and cream. Lived off of cheese filled torpedoes and Polish sausages. Hadn’t seen a vegetable for days, not since Chicago where the had their fill. Turnips, yams, greens, tomatoes, baskets full. They’d cook em up in their kitchen over in Ukraine Village where they had a house, a dog, a wooden fence, a Sunday paper always on their front doorstep. Paper boy was always late.

But now they were runnin’.Out on the road. Drivin’ into the night away from a life that haunted em. For they had committed sins along the way. Grave sins. Acts that would follow em for years.

She had a lover over in Andersonville. Some good lookin’ salesman who did things to her that only other women could imagine.The lovin’ was good; got together on lunch breaks, lies ’bout business trips, workin’ late hours. Flowers were always in a vase.

It took him a couple of years, but, he caught on. Followed her one night from the office where the two would sneak off to some North side hotel. Waited in the parkin’ lot; cried the next mornin’ like you ain’t never seen a man cry; two of em kissin’ each other goodbye. Something had to change.

So, he asked her ’bout it. First she denied, called him crazy, paranoid. Pictures were shown, proof was givin’, the tall blonde confessed. Bared her soul to him. Cryin’ and carryin’ on. Said she still loved her husband, wanted to be true. So, the little fat man walked over to his desk drawer and pulled out his pistol and handed it to her. Told her to keep quiet and listen. You’re the only woman I’ve ever loved, he said. And, I’ve been true all these years. There’s only one way to resolve this, she held the gun and nodded her head, her blue eyes filled with tears. She checked the chamber. One. One bullet in there. One bullet for him. And with that one shot, she ended her husband’s life.

The moon was yellow that night and only showin a sliver.

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