She heard nothing on that day back in January. New Year’s eve had come and gone. There was leftover glitter on her coat. A top hat hung in the closet; colors of gold, red, green in tiny particles stuck to the black velvet with a ribbon ’round it. She locked it away for good keeping. Didn’t want to forget the year, the celebration.

He kissed her at midnight as the band played. Took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. They had never met. She had no one. He had no one. They had each other. Two lonely souls kissing. Balloons fell from the ceiling. And folks laughed and cheered. Another year in the books. Here’s to tomorrow, he whispered. There was nothing else to say. He looked at her. Kissed her again. And walked away. Leaving her behind. She did not follow.

And the snow began to fall while she waited for her cab. Feet freezing. Her mother always begged her to wear sensible shoes. She never listened; not to her mom, or dad. Words held no importance to her. They were just words. Sounds. Just like a man telling her he loved her softly in her ear; noise, rattling noise. It had always been that way.

She heard nothing on that day back in January. Not a crow outside nor a lover’s woo. Alone she sat by the fire knitting a scarf for no one. For no one. Watching the clock as it’s hands reached midnight. She smiled. She smiled.

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