The Deal Was Done

There wasn’t an inch of truth in what she said. Every word was a lie. Big stories made up ’bout being a dancer in New York. Said she was a Rockette. Did a show out in Vegas. A “B” movie star.

Said she was married to Howard Hughes. Didn’t leave her a dime. Nothing to fall back on when he left her. Hard times.

She sat there in the hotel bar next to him; stirred her drink while the ice melted.

Now here I am with a new man, the frosted blonde said. He’s not really my man. Just a traveling companion, she slid over closer. You like to travel? We been all over. Little Rock, Dallas, Albuquerque. Says we’re going to wind up back in Hollywood. That’s the plan Stan, she laughed.

You know, he’s gone for the whole afternoon, she flirted. I could use some company. Couldn’t you?, he ordered two more. I like you, she said. Strong silent type. Like a leading man, he laughed. You just slide a bill over to me and we’ll see if some magic can happen, she stroked his arm like a cat.

You have the right to remain silent, he began as he pulled his silver cuffs out. Anything you say can be held against you, she began to cry. You have the right to an attorney, they began walking out of the bar.

The deal was done.

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