Suspicious Minds

It was late when he got home. She was in the front room with the curtains open; staring out at Highway 31. Watching Peterbilts, Kenworths, cowboys, and cars driving east and west under dark skies with a sliver of the moon shining a yellow color.

You want some coffee, Jesse was asked. I gotta full pot from this morning, she just shook her head as she turned off the lamp and headed into the kitchen.

Go out tonight?,Mike was looking in the refrigerator, Cream, cream,we got any cream? he asked. She said no, just heavy cream, but she needed that for Sunday lunch. Guess I’ll have to do with milk, he drank from the jug before adding it to his coffee. So, I asked if you went out tonight?, Jesse looked at him with the refrigerator door open and said, I said no.

Didn’t say anything. You just shook your head.

Same as saying it ain’t it?

I guess, he sipped his drink. Just trying to get you to talk. That’s all.

Don’t feel like talkin’. Sometimes I just like the silence, she sat at the kitchen table. You smell. You smell like pussy. Been out with your other girl tonight? He shook his head and began washing his hands in the sink. Have ya? Been with some woman tonight? With his back turned to her he said no. See, I know when you been with someone. Bar closes at two and here it is a quarter til four. I’ll bet that truck of yours just reeks of her. Was she thin? Tall? Blonde?

I haven’t been with no one. Getting home late ’cause I stopped at the gas station and talked to Tom. Had a real interesting discussion ’bout the moon.

That so?, he laughed.

Yes. He said by the end of the month we’ll have a full one. And that’s when all hell breaks lose.

That when the crazy ones get crazier?, opened the fridge and peeked inside.

Yes. It’s when the mad ones go really mad.

Like me?

Honey. That ain’t what I’m saying.

I was walking down the highway naked Mike. You don’t get crazier than that. Now do ya?, she grabbed a slice of watermelon. Took a bite and spit a seed at him. Give me credit where credit is due, Jesse spit another seed in his direction.

Just gonna have to clean that up, he said with a snicker. She spit another seed at him and they were both laughing. He went over to her and held her.

Smell. You smell like a bar. Beer and smoke.

Well which is it? First you said I smelled like pussy. Now you said a bar.

You can smell like both.

I ‘spose, Mike smiled. I ‘spose.

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