He sat at the kitchen table with a beer in one hand and his cellphone in the other. Black oil streaks were wiped on his shirt and pants. Mike checked down the hall to make sure Jesse was asleep. He could hear her snoring away as he opened the door and then closed it back ever so gently.

Mike’s cellphone was humming when he got back in the kitchen. The name across the screen was Michelle. He hit decline and began texting her.

Can’t talk right now. I’ll call you tomorrow in the morning sometime, he walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a Budweiser can from the twenty-four case. Now a text appeared. It was from Michelle telling him she was thinking of him. Wanted to say she enjoyed his company the other night. Mike grinned.

He text her back, I had a good time too. Got to get some sleep.

Do you want to get together this weekend?, she asked.

Can’t do it. Told you I got a girlfriend.

So, this was just a one time thing?

I wouldn’t say that, Mike quickly typed, We just have to play it cool.

I see. You think you’ll ever break up with her?

I might. She’s crazier than ten whores on crack.

I’ve heard that about her. People say she talks to herself in public. Carries on full conversations with herself. I’ve heard too that she’s a witch. Practices all kinds of magic and spells.

Where did you hear that from?

It’s all over town. How long you been seeing her?

About half a year now.

Do you love her?


Good. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Kisses and hugs.


And with that he began deleting the dialogue. He was real quick about checking to see if there were any other messages on his phone. Like ones from Cassie, or Julia. These were two more women in town he just couldn’t keep his hands off of.

There were no other texts besides the one from Jesse earlier telling him she couldn’t wait up for him tonight. Had to get some sleep. He kept that one on there.

Mike sat there playing with the sharp tab on the can of Bud. He took a swig and went over and grabbed another. He looked around, dishes piled up, dust on everything, clothes unfolded on the couch. Thought, it’s a good thing she’s good in bed, and laughed a quiet chuckle.

And Jesse was good in bed. She gave making love her all. When she loved someone, she was in it all the way. Even at times when she didn’t love the man she gave it her all. It was just the way she was. Always ready for action. Sex to Jesse was a release from all that was wrong in her life. While making love she felt no depression, no anxiety, and no regrets. However, the next morning would show a different woman. After one night stands she’d have all of those symptoms, yet wanted more. More men holding on tightly to her. More men telling her lies. And when she couldn’t get it, regret would sit in. Jesse would walk home from houses, apartments, sleeping rooms, hotels, motels, and backs of cars with her head hanging low, looking at the sidewalk beneath her feet. Never did she cry, nor scream out at the world, she just would get real quiet and walk quickly with her arms folded over her paunch.

Used? She never felt used. She figured she got as much as they did from the experience. She just would feel unsatisfied. She wanted more. Always more.

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