State Line

He drove out to the state line; one side Indiana, the other Ohio. Out where Allen County turns into Defiance.

When he was younger he used to come over here and buy beer. They’d pile into the old Ford and take off for cheap thrills; Mickey’s Big Mouth, Rolling Rock, Falstaff; whatever was on sale. It all tasted the same when they were puking their guts out on the side of the road. He remembered those nights. Thought about them with great fondness. Just him and his girl, who’d become his wife, along with their friends piled into the back of the pickup truck.

Those were Autumn nights. Sky pitch black, the smell of freshly laid asphalt, guided by stars. Brightly lit stars leading them to the river. Drinking while seated on the banks. Doing what boys and girls do in the dark; it’s a wonder no girl came up pregnant. Precautions were taken.

And they’d head home after midnight. Porch lights on, curtains open. Parents waiting up for their juvenile delinquents. Didn’t bother to walk the girls up to the front doors. Quick kisses were stolen in driveways. Blouses were buttoned up.

He drove out to the state line; one side Indiana, the other Ohio.

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