They Dreamt Of Paris

She wore a dress for the first time in years. It was a black dress with red roses sewn on to it; came down low exposing cleavage. He told her she never looked prettier. Said it was like he was falling in love all over again.

It’d been years since they got dressed up and went out. Used to go out all the time until the kids came. Two boys and one girl. Kept them busy for twenty something years. High School, college, one boy joined the Marines. Fought in the Iraqi war. Stationed all over the world. Guess you could say he’s a lifer. The other two got married, had kids of their own. The grandparents spoiled them. That’s what grandparents do.

So, over dinner, he held her hand. Told her he’d been hiding something from her all these years. Said when they got back home he’d show her. Said it was tucked away in a cubby hole out in the garage. She kept asking about it all throughout dinner. He just kept saying, Paris. Someday we’ll be in Paris.

When they got home he took her out to the garage. The musty smell ’bout knocked her off her feet. He lifted a picture of Humphrey Bogart that was hiding a hole. It was Rick from Casablanca protecting his secret. Here’s looking at you kid.

The old man stuck his wiry hands in the hole and started pulling out wads of cash rolled in rubber bands. There were twenties, fifties, hundreds, a ton of them, like manna falling from the sky. He said to her, Let’s get out of here.

That night they both slept soundly after making love. They held each other tightly like they were kids. And, when they woke up, they made love again. Swearing to her, Soon we will kiss atop the Eiffel Tower. Soon. She buried her gray hair into his flabby chest and said, Yes my love. Yes.

And, so they did.

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