Followed The Moon

Have you ever really looked at the moon on nights when it’s full? Looked and wondered? Or, seen a star go flying by? A shooting star, maybe a satellite mistakened for a star. There’s so much junk up there it’s hard to tell the difference.

But, a moon. A silver filled circle in the black sky. That’s authentic, something you can reach out and grab. Touch it with your pinky.

He used to follow the moon. Started in California where he caught it one night outside of a bar in Oxnard. Told the woman on the back of his bike he was going to catch it. The dark haired beauty said, sure. Just take me home first.

You don’t want to catch the moon?

Too tired. Let’s catch it tomorrow night, she straddled his old Indian.

Can’t do it babe. Gotta start tonight, she got off his bike and flagged a pickup down. It was time for him to start.

The piece of silver was right in front of him as he headed east out of the state. It was three o’clock in the morning and he could hear the coyotes howling, desert brush rolled by as he traveled on. He began to wonder just how he was going to catch the moon. He’d have to ride at night and sleep during the day. Sure, the moon was out during the day, but, it was hidden in the hazy sky; protected by sunlight.

It was seven in the morning when he pulled over into a Nevada rest area for some sleep. He pulled a Mexican blanket out of his bag and made a nice bed for himself under a shady tree. Immediately he began to dream. Dreamt about the moon fitting in his back pocket along with his chained wallet. Kept it there. Let it out at night time for all to see. And, it was always full.

Not too long into his slumber, he was awakened by a fat man decked out in leather. Pointed a shotgun right at his nose. Said, reach behind ya and give me your wallet, sweat dripped on the trigger.

I don’t have any money man, the moon follower said. I got an empty pouch and the moon back there in my pocket. That’s it.

You say you got the moon? Whole, half, or a sliver?

The whole thing man. But, I can’t give it to you. You have to earn it.

Oh yeah.


It was ’round noon when the State Police showed up. His body was rolled over on his belly. Four bullet holes in the back and one in his head as the Sun looked down.

His wallet and the moon were gone.

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