You Killed Him

There was screaming down the alleyway. Some high pitched voice ringing out, you killed him. You killed him, a voice with no body to it; just words.

All the lights were out ‘cept one. It didn’t shine brightly, just kind of let off a glow as fog rolled in making it harder and harder to see. He wiped his glasses on his shirt and continued looking at the formless figure. She was sobbing. You killed him, she yelled. You killed him.

He decided to walk towards the light. Pulling out his cell phone, he could barely make out the numbers. He stopped and pushed 911.

In a hoarse whisper he told the operator of this woman yelling in the alley between Calhoun and Harrison. Told em she was crying hard; back porchlights began to come on. People stood in their backyards; no one approached her.

This went on for awhile. Just a voice in the dark yelling out, you killed him. A cop car pulled up and so did an ambulance. At this point the body was on the ground, the hard, wet asphalt, shaking. An EMT tried to cover her with a blanket. She shook it off each time.

Ms. You wanna tell us what’s going on here?

He killed him, she said.

O.K. Ms. when did this happen?

A long time ago.

Earlier in the day?

Years ago. Killed him with a butcher’s knife. I saw it happen. Right there in the kitchen.

We wanna help you. Who got killed?

My man.

Your man?

My father never liked him.

So, your father killed him?


Where’s your father now?

Took off. Ran out the door and never looked back. He took the old truck. Blue Ford.

Did you ever report this to the police?

No, I didn’t. Too scared. But my man came to see me tonight. Told me to turn him in. Tell all the world that my daddy had done killed him.

Why don’t you come with us Ms. Come with us.

She shook her head and kept saying, you killed him.

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