See you down the road

He could hear the hay trucks running down 41 in the early morning hours; sat there with his coffee; light on above the stove.

She stayed asleep back in the bedroom. It’d be sometime ‘fore she woke up; night stretched into day for her.

And he kept hearing the wind outside, blowing ’round trash cans and creepin’ up on window panes. He sat quietly and kept watching the clock tick. Thinking about hitting the road. Wondering if he could be in Dallas by noon. He had business to tend to.

Then she appeared. Woke up earlier than usual. She poured herself some coffee and cut a slice of banana bread. She pointed at it. He just shook his head no.

Where you heading to?, she asked.

Gotta run a haul down to Dallas, he took another swig of joe.

Got your thermos filled?, he nodded yes. Well that’s good. You should be hittin’ the road. Gonna be behind schedule, she winked at him.

I spose.

When you coming through this way again?

Hard to say. Should be going out to California soon.

I always wanted to go to California, she sat down next to him. I always wanted to go out there and be a movie star.

Did huh?

Uh huh. Have a pretty tan year round. Bleach my hair blonde. Get a boob job. The works.

You don’t need none of that.

Don’t think so?, they both shook their heads. She sat in his lap and grabbed his face. Kissed him hard. You don’t have no other women in your life now do ya?

Just you and the Mrs. would be it.

Make sure you keep it that way, she placed his John Deere hat on his head. Gave it a tug. See ya down the road.

See you down the road.

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