I Don’t Know

She stood in the doorway with a sack of groceries and a ring of keys around her thumb. Kids played in the front yard; tossing the football back and forth as the day got cooler and the sun went down. The green grass stained their jeans.

He was in the back room watching the news and sleeping off and on. He heard her putting stuff away; the refrigerator door opened and closed a hundred times. The middle aged man just stayed in his Lazy-boy, feet up, remote in hand. Thought about helping her out, but they had a boy that could do that; earn his keep.

The blonde turning gray haired woman joined her husband in the back room. Brought him a beer. Opened one up for her as well. They just sat there watching David Brinkley deliver the stories of the day. He turned the sound down.

Didn’t hear ya come in, he said. I was dozing off and on. Did ya get it all put away?, she nodded her head yes. Thanks for the beer. I’ll mow the yard tomorrow. Better yet, I’ll get the boy to do it. He likes pushing that thing. Says it’s a good work out. I don’t know.

Mrs. Calway walked over to him and took the beer from his hand and the remote from the other. She sat in his lap like she used to do before the boy came along. She kissed him squarely on his closed mouth then looked at him.

You know how long it’s been?, the petite woman asked. Do you realize how long it’s been?, she smiled and brushed her hair back from her face.

I don’t rightly know, he placed his hands on the armrests. I spose it’s been a long long time.

Yes it has. Too long. So long I can’t remember. I think it’s been five years. And I’ve been thinking. I’m going to be forty-eight this year. And I’m bored.


Yeah. Bored. This hasn’t worked out like I thought it would. John’s gonna graduate this year.

What are you saying Helen?

I need to move on with my life.

You been talking to your friends again? Been blaming everything on me?

It takes two, she said. I’m sorry I wasn’t what you wanted, she moved from his lap back to the couch.

You wanna throw twenty years away?You come over here and kiss me then you say you want to leave. It don’t make sense.

I can’t do this no more. I just can’t. I’ll get a job and a place to live. I’m sorry.

She walked out the back door and started the engine on the car. John ran over to her. Asked, where you goin’mom?

I don’t know dear. I don’t know.

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