Nothing Changes

There was talking downstairs, out in the parking lot. It was Friday, the eagle would fly today, everybody knew it.

He sat up in his room with the window open, listening to drunks and bums talk about where they were going to get dough in different parts of town.

I’m going out to the mall, Shorty said. Gonna hold up a big sign that says homeless vet on it in red ink, he lit a cigarette and took a swig from Jackie’s jug of wine.

Well I’m gonna go downtown and hang out on the square and tell people I’m short for gas money and I got to get my baby to the hospital, Jackie raised his finger in declaring.

The fat man upstairs listened to their plots and came up with a game plan all his own. He poured another cup of coffee and considered his options. He had twenty more days in the month until his check came. Looked over at the table and saw four packs of smokes next to some needles. He walked over and lit a smoke and said out loud, I’ll wait it out. I’ll wait it out. Nothing changes, finished his coffee. ‘Sides, he smiled, Need to lose some weight anyway.

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