They put a For Sale sign up in the front yard; digging straight down into the frozen ground. Snow almost covered it, the real estate man had to brush it away.

And, the house was empty, not even a single ghost could be found. Just some newspapers and white sheets covering the piano, dining room table, some chairs. Plastic covered the love seat and couch. It’d been years since anyone had sat on them. Years.

Long ago they used to throw grand parties at the house. They’d hire a bartender, had a piano player, always catered; chicken livers wrapped in bacon, maple scallops, spinach dip, those were her favorites. And, to top it off, a cold gin and tonic with a lime. He’d follow her around all night; refreshing her drink, getting small plates, helping his wife to climb the stairs after midnight.

But, now that is gone. They are gone. There were no children, nor nieces or nephews when it was over to will anything to. The estate would be auctioned off and money given to a favorite charity.

She would die first. The gin and tonics eventually got her. And, the smoking didn’t help.

He would go to the other side a few years later; heart broken. He took his own life; died of poison right in the same bed as she did. Quietly, going into night.

They put a For Sale sign up in the front yard. Digging straight down into the frozen ground.

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